Piazza Venezia Suite Standard

Suite Standard su Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia Standard Suite is a suite located in a historical building with an exclusive location Vittoriano, Piazza Venezia and the Campidoglio To date we are only 3 to have this location the window of the standard suite faces inside, the view is over the rooftops of Rome (as a famous Roman singer Antonello Venditti said)

(Italian or Continental breakfast is included)

The room has a 1.60m x 1.90m King bed (double), air conditioning and flat screen TV is available A mini bar is available for a fee.

The bathroom is very elegant with silver fittings illuminated by chronotherapy lights.

Piazza Venezia Standard Suite is located in a very old building overlooking the most important Roman monument “IL VITTORIANO”. Due to the historical characteristics of the building, there is no elevator in this structure.

Easy to reach: the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum (only 500m away).

Guests are kindly requested to communicate their arrival time for an optimal reception service.

From the windows of the Presidential Suite we have an exclusive view of Piazza Venezia and the Altare del Patria, Fori Imperiali, Colosseum and Campidoglio.

Bathroom, mini bar, safe, Wifi, courtesy set with bathrobe and everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Luxury Suite is equipped with all comforts with a large bedroom, courtesy set, mini bar, Wifi, safe, air-conditioned rooms.

The exclusive location that our hotel can offer you will make you experience the Eternal City, telling the story of the Milite Ignoto. Eighty-one meters of stories, written over more than sixty years, sculpted in bronze and marble, kept in the rooms of an enormous stone book The story of a fragment of mountain that arrives from the eastern front. The story of an ancient Roman goddess who protects citizens and warriors. The story of hundreds of postcards sent a century ago to an unknown soldie

Roberta and Ivan, in love with Rome the eternal city, an open-air museum ready to be discovered together.

The neighborhood in which we find ourselves, or rather the district in which we find ourselves is Piazza Venezia, bordering other famous districts of Rome: Rione Colonna, Rione Trevi, Rione Campitelli, Rione San Angelo and finally Rione Sant Eustachio. in short, we are in the historic center of Rome, one minute walk from the Pantheon, about 5 minutes walk from the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Palazzo Montecitorio, Via del Corso. In about 10 minutes on foot we can reach Piazza di Spagna with its beautiful staircase, Villa Borghese, Il Vittoriano, the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, and finally St. Peter’s Basilica and its Vatican museums.

Piazza Venezia in Rome is not only an important tourist attraction, but an important transport hub After all, all roads not only lead to Rome, but connect the main attractions of the Italian capital. 6 main streets cross Piazza Venezia in Rome. For example, Via dei Fori Imperiali.